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Optometrist Assistant - McKnight, Lee & Pepin Optometrist, New Liskeard, ON

Employment Options - NL

Temps plein • Temiskaming Shores Région

One full time position, starting at $ 15.00/HR, once trained $ 20.00/HR
• Must speak and write in both official languages
• Able to work in a multi task, fast paced environment
• Able to learn computer programs
• Able to work on Saturdays, once trained
• Answer phone, make appointments, receiving orders, order parts, sending parcel
• Assist patients to choose glasses and attend to their needs, must have knowledge for fashion
• Assist doctors for doing scans for patients
• Nice presentation for greeting patients
• Interpersonal abilities, team work is a must
• Ability around elders and children

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Employment Options - NL

Temiskaming Shores Temiskaming Shores, ON, Canada

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Temps plein – Temiskaming Shores

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