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General Helper

CreeQuest Corp

Temps plein • Cochrane Région

Title: General Helper  
Reports to: Chef
Primary responsibilities:
• Accountable and responsible for maintaining a culture focused on having Safety as a value
• Clean and maintain all kitchen areas as per cleaning schedule
• Sweep and mop all floors in kitchen areas
• Clean and sanitize all dishes, cookware, and equipment thoroughly
• Assist in the preparation of food items
• Assist in the unloading and storage of all supplies and groceries
• Stock shelves, refrigerators, freezers, and various stations as needed
• Replenish, rotate, and dispose of food as per regulations
• Keep floors dry at all times to avoid accidents
• Shall attend all safety meetings and participate in Client and/or Aramark Emergency Response Procedures
• Additional duties may be assigned

Physical Demands Requirements (Must be able to):
• Stand and squat for long periods of time with scheduled breaks
• Short and long-distance walking required
• Use of step stools and stairs
• Use force when push/pull carts weighing an average of 22.5kg
• Frequently reach below waist, waist to shoulder and above shoulder with frequent neck/back/torso twisting from left to right without restriction, reaching horizontally usually less than 20cm but on occasion can exceed 20cm ∙ Must be able to crouch, bend neck, back, and torso from waist to floor, and must be able to twist from left to right without restriction
• Frequently lift an average weight of approximately 12kg with a maximum of 16kg. On occasion where weight may be greater than 16kg assistance from another person or a manual lifting aid is mandatory
• Perform repetitive movements at the wrist including side to side/up or down and multiple grasps of an average 5kg with a maximum of 10kg.

Working Conditions and Environment:
• Ability to hear and understand verbal instruction as well as other sounds such as safety alarms ∙ Ability to communicate effectively; written and orally in English
• Must be able to see without impairment for inspection purposes and ability to read small text such as product warning labels
• Mainly indoor work required however some outdoor work on occasion
• Ability to work and navigate safely in close quarters or congested areas
• Ability to balance and maintain stability on slippery surfaces
• Ability to work split shifts within a rotational schedule
• May be exposed periodically to elevated noise levels and surroundings
• Ability and willingness to travel/work long rotations away from home

Candidate Requirements:
• 1+ years Kitchen Help experience preferably in remote camp or hotel/hospitality industries
• Valid WHMIS and Food Safe (Basic or Advanced) Certification are mandatory (can be provided)
• Additional certification may be required by work location
• Ability to work effectively and efficiently supervised and unsupervised
• Excellent customer service
• Ability and willingness to travel/work long rotations away from home

Send resume with ‘General Helper’ in subject line to


CreeQuest Corp

Cochrane Cochrane, ON, Canada

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