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Cybersecurity Consultant

Alloy Insights Inc.

Temps plein • Timmins Région

Échelle salariale: $60,000 - $80,000

Posting Information

Alloy Insights Inc. is looking for a Cybersecurity Consultant to help us on our mission to make organizations smarter, stronger, and more resilient through the effective investment in people, process, and technology. Please read through this job posting to see if we might be a good fit for each other. Please also review the accompanying job description document for a more detailed description of the Cybersecurity Consultant responsibilities, working conditions, and requirements.

Position Title: Cybersecurity Consultant
Position Tenure: Full-Time Permanent
Position Location: Remote - Work From Home
Salary Range: $70,000 - $80,000 Per Year - Plus Potential Bonus Opportunities
Payroll Details: Salary - Biweekly Payroll Direct Deposit
Core Business Hours: 8:30am to 5:00pm EST - Monday to Thursday

Company Information

Alloy Insights Inc. is a cybersecurity company that was founded in early 2022 by Alain Lefebvre, a 15+ year veteran in the managed services provider (MSP) industry. The company specializes in providing turnkey cybersecurity and information systems security services for small to medium sized organizations within the financial and not-for-profit sectors. Alloy Insights Inc. also provides traditional managed information technology services as part of our holistic approach to secure information systems management. We build trust-based relationships with our clients to ensure they maximize the value received from their cybersecurity and information technology investments. We have a unique approach that involves a balanced focus on people, process, and technology.

Alloy Insights Inc. has an ambitious long-term plan for rapid and sustained growth. Our goal is to evolve into an industry leader within the cybersecurity space, having a reputation for exceptional effectiveness, exceeding stakeholder expectations, and providing high-value services. We believe in building a strong company that values its team members, their opinions, and their contributions. Our success depends on assembling a team of dedicated individuals, and empowering them to participate in interesting and meaningful work. To achieve this, we are guided by a set of core values and principles that must be embodied by everyone within the company.

Security Mindset

Security takes centre stage in all endeavours that we undertake. We weave our security centric mindset into our internal company operations, our offered solutions, and all our partner relationships. We do not believe that security is something that should be “bolted on”; rather it is at the core and foundation of everything that we do. We take a serious approach to security.

Pursuit of Excellence

Our constant pursuit of excellence has us learning and improving at all times. We aim to create the most secure and productive solutions available, and then work to constantly improve them. From the smallest task to the largest project, we always aim to exceed requirements and expectations. We excel as leaders in the cybersecurity and information technology arenas.

Do The Right Thing

In cybersecurity and information technology we are responsible for enormous amounts of information, access, and operational productivity. We take this responsibility extremely seriously. We always choose to act safely, ethically, and honourably regardless of the challenge being faced. We earn and respect the trust of our team members, partners, and communities.

Educate and Empower

Knowledge should be shared. The more that we share our experience, knowledge, and ideas the better we all become. We seek to create an environment that empowers people to be innovative, creative, and inquisitive. We aim to learn from and share within our team, partners, and communities. We believe in lifelong learning and in a mutual shared growth mentality.

People Over Profit

Our organization is a vehicle to do good. You can only do that if you invest in your team, your partners, and your communities. Profits can often be a measurement of growth or success, but to us they provide the means to elevate those we care about. Thriving people, companies, and communities create more benefits together on the whole. We are a people first company.

Please review the core values above carefully to determine if they resonate with you. Alignment with these core values is the most important criteria that we look for when selecting new candidates to join our team, much of the interview process will relate to them. Being a strong culture fit is necessary for our professional relationship to be successful. We aim to build a place where people can develop their careers with us over a long-term partnership. We are committed to creating an environment that values and promotes diversity, equity, and inclusion of all people from all walks of life. We treat every team member with dignity, compassion, and respect.

Company Advantages & Benefits

We truly believe that we can create an environment where team members feel valued, well compensated, and engaged in meaningful work. We can build a workplace where people can thrive both personally and professionally, capable of building a long-term career within our company. Our core values are reflected in our leadership, our actions, and our way of doing business. Below are some of the advantages and benefits of working with Alloy Insights Inc. today, with more being added in the future as we grow and evolve.

Work From Home

We are a work from home company. Our team members are free to remain in their communities and skip the commute to have more time with loved ones. While we may travel on-site from time to time, the majority of work is done from home.

Unlimited Personal Time Off

We don’t put a cap on the number of days you choose to spend with your friends and family. Balance between engaging, meaningful work and personal fulfillment is vital in a healthy workplace. We don’t limit vacation, sick, or personal days off.

4-Day Work Weeks

The business core hours are from Monday to Thursday. There may be times that work needs to be completed on Fridays or on the weekend, but we try to avoid it as much as possible. We are committed to maintaining an equitable work life balance.

Personal Autonomy and Flexibility

We bring motivated people into the fold and give them the support, tools, and runway they need to succeed. Micromanagement isn’t part of our leadership style. You are empowered to manage your time, tasks, and schedule.

Training and Career Growth

We provide constructive coaching, paid training, and growth opportunities to team members interested in career transition or advancement. We believe in lifelong learning, with a focus on certification that includes time to study during work hours.

Top Tier Tools, Hardware, and Software

To be at peak performance, you need the right tools for the job. We provide the very best equipment, software, and systems to be successful. We leverage the latest and greatest technologies available, constantly looking for new and better toolsets.

Constructive Leadership and Culture

Leadership is transparent, compassionate, and communicates clearly. We foster a team atmosphere in a work from home environment. Regular team building events and outings help solidify our culture of personal and professional prosperity.

Position Information

The Cybersecurity Consultant’s primary purpose includes the successful development and delivery of cybersecurity and information technology related projects that are on time, within budget, and meet or exceed internal and external stakeholder expectations. The Cybersecurity Consultant requires hands-on experience and advanced knowledge of cybersecurity solutions, software-as-a-service (SaaS) platforms, servers (physical and virtual), enterprise storage, and network infrastructure. The position also provides cybersecurity and information technology related consulting services to internal and external stakeholders. The Cybersecurity Consultant takes on a leadership role in service and project delivery. Best practice based methodologies must be maintained when developing and deploying cybersecurity and information technology solutions to ensure a standardized and consistent level of service.

The Cybersecurity Consultant’s secondary purpose includes providing technical assistance for internal and external stakeholders in a secure and timely manner. The role is the first resource engaged for complex challenges that are escalated by the technical team. The Cybersecurity Consultant has an advanced ability to identify, troubleshoot, and resolve complex technical challenges. The position requires extensive hands-on experience and advanced knowledge of operating systems, productivity apps, off-the-shelf software, mobile devices, desktops, laptops, printers, scanners, telephones, and other office related information technology equipment. Through interactions with stakeholders during support and project delivery tasks, the Cybersecurity Consultant continuously collects feedback to identify new potential opportunities or areas for improvement.

The Cybersecurity Consultant’s tertiary purpose includes reviewing, developing, and defining company procedures and methodologies. The role documents repeatable processes in detail using marked-up screenshots for each step of the process. The position participates in research and development endeavours to refine and define best practices for managed cybersecurity and information technology service delivery. The Cybersecurity Consultant must remain up-to-date on news and developments within the cybersecurity and information technology industries. The role acts as a subject matter expert for most cybersecurity, software-as-a-service, information technology hardware, and network infrastructure related solutions.

Key Duties & Responsibilities

  • Deployment and maintenance of cybersecurity and information technology related hardware, software, and solutions.
  • Administration of cybersecurity and information technology related infrastructure, cloud services, and SaaS platforms.
  • Provide remote and in-person technical support regarding cybersecurity and information technology related requests.
  • Create and maintain accurate network documentation, how-to procedures, technical manuals, and professional reports.
  • Maintain, analyze, and improve internal procedures, workflows, best practices, and software-as-a-service platforms.
  • Keep accurate records of all time spent, tasks completed, methods used, and reference links within internal platforms.

(For a more detailed list of duties and responsibilities please review the Job Description document.)

Candidate Information

The ideal candidate for the Cybersecurity Consultant position will have an insatiable hunger to learn and a deep desire to understand how solutions work at their core. Education, training, and certification are very important in our company, a successful candidate will be excited and motivated to participate in ongoing learning and certification endeavours. We’re looking for someone that has an attention to detail, takes pride in their work, and always wants to put their best effort into the task at hand. We provide an immense level of autonomy, the ideal candidate needs to be accountable, organized, self-motivated, honest, and trustworthy. We are seeking someone that communicates clearly, has innovative ideas, a desire to improve things, and has the confidence to voice their opinion and viewpoint. Most of all, we need someone that meshes well with our company culture, and aligns closely with our core values.

Required Qualifications

  • No Criminal Record – Must provide a Criminal Record & Judicial Matters Check (CRJMC) obtained from the police station.
  • Valid Driver’s License – Must provide a driver’s abstract (driving record) obtained from the province (Service Ontario).
  • Working & Safe Vehicle – Must be able to travel to and from client offices when required.
  • Valid Passport – Must be able to travel internationally when required (infrequent, typically for training and conferences).
  • Legally Entitled to Work in Canada – Must already be eligible to work in Canada, we do not sponsor international candidates.

You MUST meet all of the above requirements in order to be eligible to apply for the Cybersecurity Consultant position. Criminal record check and driving abstract only need to be provided once an offer of employment has been made. Alloy Insights Inc. will reimburse all costs related to obtaining the criminal record check and driving abstract as part of our onboarding process.

Desired Qualifications

  • 3+ Years Experience – Previous work experience in a mid-level cybersecurity or information technology related role.
  • Managed Services Provider (MSP) Experience – Previous work experience within a managed services provider business.
  • Degree / Diploma – Post secondary education in an information technology or computer science related program.
  • Industry Certifications – Information technology or cybersecurity certifications from ISC2, ISACA, CompTIA, or Axelos.

The above qualifications are desired, they are not hard requirements. We seek out candidates that are a strong culture fit for our organization and that have an enthusiasm to learn. We invest heavily in the education and training of our team members. Please do not hesitate to apply for the Cybersecurity Consultant position even if you do not have the desired qualifications listed above.

Bonus Qualifications

  • Microsoft 365 Experience – You have previously administered Microsoft Exchange Online, SharePoint, Intune, or Azure.
  • ConnectWise Experience – You have previously used software and services from the company ConnectWise.
  • Kaseya / Datto Experience – You have previously used software, hardware, and services from the company Kaseya / Datto.
  • Sophos Experience – You have previously administered software, hardware, and services from the company Sophos.

The above qualifications are considered bonus assets. We will provide training for all systems that we leverage or administer; having previous experience with the above items will reduce the overall time to get fully onboarded. Please provide additional details in your resume, cover letter, or application for the Cybersecurity Consultant position if you have any of the bonus qualifications listed above.

Please view the detailed job posting and job description documents on our website.

If you are interested, please apply for the position using our online application form.


Alloy Insights Inc.

Téléphone: (343) 655-1281
Timmins Timmins, ON, Canada

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Cybersecurity Consultant

Temps plein – Timmins

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